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The following was taken from the Five Objectives of an Active Member:

The first and foremost ideal of Phi Kappa Sigma is the pursuit of academic knowledge. The primary goal of each brother is the attainment of a college education. Each member has an obligation to continually maintain a sound academic record. This is an obligation that he owes to his family, his brothers, the Fraternity, and himself. Since its conception, Phi Kappa Sigma has emphasized scholarship and academic excellence. Initiation into, and participation in the Fraternity is dependent upon maintaining a respectful scholastic average. Therefore, throughout your college career, the pursuit of academic endeavors should be continued diligently.

Becoming a member of the Phi Kappa Sigma International Fraternity means you take your academics seriously. It means you strive to be the best and that you work hard, so you can play hard.

We have a rich history in valuing our education, academics, scholastics, and our institutions. The members in the early years of the organization felt such a strong bond that Brother James William Barrow founded the only college to be named in honor of a fraternal organization. The Phi Kappa Sigma Male College was opened on February 7, 1859 located at Monticello, Arkansas. On the twenty-first of February, in the same year, the Legislature of Arkansas chartered this institution, making it the first institution of higher learning in Arkansas.

In the present day on college campuses across America, fraternity men are taking advantage of additional resources that give them a leg-up on their non-Greek colleagues. Resources like scheduled study hours, tutoring and mentoring opportunities from older members, and access to additional programming are only some of the ways Greeks are taking advantage of their organizations.

Phi Kappa Sigma is no different. The emphasis we place on our members’ academic success instills, among other things, an indisputable determination that ensures that members are leaders in the classroom, on campus, and in their communities. Many chapters foster the pursuit of excellence in academics with local awards and a focus is put on this emphasis by the awarding of four different awards and recognition on the International level. The awards are listed below, as well as details on each award listed on our AWARDS page.

  • Hutchinson Key Scholarship Award
  • The Dr. Ghery D. Pettit Scholarship Award
  • The J. Orvis Keller Scholarship Award
  • The Arthur M. Jens Scholarship Award

We recognize that not all schools are the same, so when you visit the Phi Kappa Sigma chapter on your campus, be sure to ask about their academic plans. Many of our chapters have a tailored approach to success on their campus. By letting chapters have the autonomy to set their own academic goals and form their own plans, our Educational Consultants make sure our members have every opportunity to be successful at their schools.


The structure of a Phi Kappa Sigma chapter is one that recognizes and embraces the need for personal growth and development. Personal development can cover a range of activities that improve a members’ self-awareness and identity, develops talents and potential, builds emotional capital, while enhancing the quality of life which contributes to the realization of personal dreams and aspirations.

Within the chapter, members have access to an entire network of brothers and alumni to help with their coursework, and have the opportunity to attend programs specifically designed to ease the transition from high school into college.

Whether it’s one-on-one tutoring from upperclassmen, organized study groups, structured time management lessons, or attendance at organized programs; the whole organization works to provide the tools needed to be successful while you’re in college. All we ask is that however you spend your time, that you work to develop the best version of yourself.

One such opportunity to craft the best version of yourself, is the use of The Birkman Method™. The Birkman is a personality, social perception, and occupational interest assessment that provides insight into what specifically drives a person’s behavior, with the goal of creating greater choice and more self-responsibility.

Dr. Birkman was a member of Phi Kappa Sigma at our Sigma Chapter at the University of Texas and was influential in our leadership institutes and betterment programs. The programs that the International Headquarters provides and the Foundation financially supports moves brothers from various roles such as friend, brother, mentor, teacher, and guide.

The personal development that takes place over a members four years in the chapter only lays the foundation to provide the resources which will be drawn upon for the rest of their adult lives. We encourage you to explore the PROGRAM menu and learn about our focus on personal development.

phi kappa sigma academics


While firms view a four-year degree as a sign of commitment to the field and development of hard skills, employers care both about a potential hire’s knowledge. This knowledge can get you the interview, maybe even the job but members also need the ability to learn and adapt for the future.

Most professions require additional learning by developing professional competencies, earning professional credentials, passing licensing requirements, and attending conference. This can be the easy part of formal skill refinement. The more difficult task is mastering the variety of approaches to professional development including consultations, coaching, mentoring, technical assistance and reflective supervision.

Being a member is one way of demonstrating one’s focus on skill development like interpersonal communication, time management, management skills and leadership abilities. Additional everyday knowledge on how to dress professionally, carry oneself in a business setting, table etiquette, presentation skills, and moving ambition to vision can be honed in the fraternity house or the halls of the Phi Kappa Sigma Male College.


Everyone knows that a college education is expensive. While you’re there, make it worthwhile. Set yourself apart. Make a difference. The difference between the educated man and the uneducated man isn’t the classes he took or the expensive piece of paper he gets to hang on his office wall after four or five years; it’s that the educated man embraces adversity, learns from his mistakes, and is never afraid to fail. Your education at college begins in the classroom and ends with your experiences and how you learn from them.

With today’s tuition ever inflating, the organization wants to help. The Organization's scholarship program was established to help Phi Kaps pursue their education. Each year, the organization offers a generous amount of need-based and merit-based scholarships.

Whether you’re an engineering student or a theater major, pre-med or pre-law, if you need financial help to complete your degree, the annual scholarship program offers the support many brothers need. These scholarships are made possible by our generous alumni donors.