Phi Kappa Sigma Black Maltese Cross

Phi Kappa Sigma International Fraternity


Executive Committee

Grand Alpha
(International President)
Timothy Schug
Alpha Epsilon Chapter
Illinois Tech ‘07

Grand Beta
(International Vice President)
Alex West
Beta Theta Chapter
Texas Christian ‘21

Grand Pi
(Int’l VP of Education/Leadership)
Daniel Heiss
Beta Psi Chapter
Washington State University ‘09

Grand Sigma
(International Secretary)
Arnav Iyer
Beta Psi Chapter
Washington State University ‘20

Grand Tau
(International Treasurer)
Douglas Opicka
Alpha Epsilon Chapter
Illinois Tech ‘97

Grand Theta
(International Regional Director)
Ron Stranix
Delta Rho Chapter
Ursinus College ‘12

Grand Theta
(International Regional Director)
James Coffman
Beta Eta Chapter
University of North Texas ‘15

Executive Board

Grand Delta - Region 1 (Texas & West)
(Regional President)
Jeremy Becker
Alpha Epsilon Chapter
IIT '17

Grand Delta - Region 2 (Midwest)
(Regional President)
Jackson Larsen
Gamma Gamma Chapter
Carthage College '20

Grand Delta - Region 3 (Southeast)
(Regional President)
Blake MacQueen
Alpha Kappa Chapter
University of Alabama '17

Grand Delta - Region 4 (Northeast)
(Regional President)
Andres Burgos
Delta Sigma Chapter
UMBC '20

Past Grand Alphas

The Executive Board shall consist of the Executive Committee, all Grand Deltas, and all living Past Grand Alphas. In voting, however, the Past Grand Alphas shall have one collective vote, of such character as the majority of them may decide. Past Grand Alphas are listed below with their chapter college/university and years of service

Robert Petrowski
Alpha Theta Chapter
Wisconsin 2021-2023

Dave Smith
Gamma Tau Chapter
New Hampshire 2018-2021

Michael Palladino
Alpha Nu Chapter
Georgia Tech 2016-2018

Douglas W. Opicka
Alpha Epsilon Chapter
Illinois Tech 2010-2016

Joseph B. Moidl
Alpha Theta Chapter
Wisconsin 2006-2010

Daniel L. Lund, III
Beta Xi Chapter
UNO 2002-2006

James P. Martin
Phi Chapter
Richmond 2000-2002

Peter J. Nichols
Alpha Upsilon Chapter
Washington 1993-1998

David Demarest
Beta Iota Chapter
St. Lawrence 1991-1993

R. Dwain Dewey
Beta Beta Chapter
Kansas 1980-1983