Phi Kappa Sigma International Fraternity has partnered with ChapterSpot over the years to provide chapters with online tools to improve operations. These tools have also made supporting chapters easier and more efficient for the fraternity staff and volunteers.

In the fall of 2018, the Executive Committee of the Fraternity tasked the International Headquarters to look at expanding the partnership with ChapterSpot in developing a single sign-on platform for our chapters.

PhiKapConnect will help members spend less time on operations and focus on growing the brotherhood.

One brotherhood, one system.

chapterspot logo

Member Management & Admin Portal by ChapterSpot

Officer and Status Updates

  • Chapter database
  • New membership registration
  • Member profile updates

Mitchell Chapter Standards Submissions

  • Officer Reporting
  • Form submission to International Headquarters
  • Task management tracking

Chapter Management

  • Dues collection
  • Contact lists
  • Recruitment reports
  • Communications and collaboration
  • Alumni newsletter platform

salesforce logo

Alumni Management by Salesforce

  • Event Management
  • Alumni newsletters
  • Donations and Capital Campaigns
linvio logo

Event Mangement by Linvio

  • Events
  • Estore
  • Payment Connect
form titan logo

Forms & Process Management by Form Titan

  • E-signature
  • Forms
  • Custom Workflows
  • PDF Mapping
  • Automated scholarship application process

greek bill logo

Dues Collection by greekbill

  • Monthly billing
  • Financial reporting
  • Direct deposit
  • Online payment options (e-check & CC)
  • Payment plans for members with auto pay & self-pay options
  • Loadable purchase cards
  • Optional parent accounts
  • Optional collection process
plaid logo

Tightrope Online Risk Management Training by Plaid

  • The Facts About Alcohol and Drugs
  • Sexual Assault and Misconduct
  • Mental Health
  • Hazing Awareness
greek bill logo

One stop Fundraising solution provided by Crowdchangefor general support, charity, causes, and more

  • General Support
  • Charity
  • Causes
  • & More!