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Phi Kappa Sigma

The Ambassador Program is an extensive three-day experience devoted to helping some of our best chapter leaders make a positive impact on their chapter and the organization. This program’s comprehensive curriculum is designed to help members become change agents in their chapters and encourage continued engagement with the organization post-graduation.

Phi Kappa Sigma’s Doctrine of Excellence states “Phi Kappa Sigma International Fraternity is more than an organization to be a part of during college; it is a valuable learning experience, life-long commitment, and philosophy of life...”


Phi Kappa SigmaThe Ambassador Program was first established in the summer of 2011 and went through a curriculum redevelopment in the winters of 2018 and 2019. One aspect remains today – the goal of training and building invitees to positively impact the organizational health of the fraternity. The program has evolved in recent revisions to prepare members for their professional endeavors and continued involvement post-graduation.

The program uses action-based training to teach participants to navigate the issues we face as fraternity men and leaders in our communities. Participants will not only get a theoretical education, but also a hands-on approach and application of the learning material.

Every year, 10-12 members from across our fraternity are chosen to partake. However, the invitations are extended to any junior/senior member of our fraternity.


The program aids in the development of our members in their presentation skills, capacity to facilitate challenging conversations, and chapter growth.

The Ambassador Program aims to help participants understand the following concepts:

  • Personal leadership: develop and utilize their leadership traits and within their style
  • Public speaking: build confidence speaking to their communities regardless of size
  • Facilitation skills: guide conversations in a positive and values- based way
  • Positive change: implement change initiatives and strengthen performance that is aligned with our mission
  • Conflict resolution: find peaceful solution through dialogue and compromise
  • Fraternity mission: move goals in a direction that benefit all for a larger impact


The Ambassador Program is designed as an intensive living-learning experience. Educational programs are scheduled throughout the day and evenings of the three-day program. Participants that invest their time, energy, skills, and motivation into maximizing their experience will gain the most.

Participants must…

  • Bring a strong desire to learn about themselves and the impact they can make
  • Have the drive to bring a positive change to their community and represent the Fraternity
  • Dynamic recruitment planning and execution
  • Have a basic knowledge of the Objects, Core Values, and Doctrine of Excellence
  • Be an engaged learner throughout the program

Ambassadors will participate in a variety of activities with the other Ambassadors, Headquarters staff, the Executive Board of the fraternity, and aid in leading portions of instruction.

Discussion and activities will center around:

  • Analyzing characteristics of successful team dynamics
  • Incorporating strategies for managing and improving team dynamics
  • Understanding team cognition in regards to team cohesion and team conflict
  • Learning the Transformational Leadership Model
  • Reading Lencioni’s book Five Dysfunctions of a Team
Phi Kappa Sigma


The outcomes of the Ambassador Program reflect Phi Kappa Sigma’s vision of “lifelong growth and development of the fraternity and its members” through the refinement of basic interpersonal skills, advanced leadership methods, professional development in real-world setting.

Participants will:
  • Develop impactful public speaking strategies
  • Understand and utilize effective facilitation skills
  • Create a personal leadership statement
  • Gain knowledge on Phi Kappa Sigma International Fraternity & Headquarters

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“The Ambassador Program is a one-of-a-kind opportunity for our upperclassmen to develop skills that will make them stronger leaders within their chapter and provide them with the training to be engaged alumni and prepared professionals.”

- Jake Bates Beta Eta Chapter North Texas ’14