Men of Honor Leadership Institute

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The Men of Honor Leadership Institute is a comprehensive three-day experience devoted to helping our members transform their communities through values-based action.

Men of Honor’s carefully crafted curriculum is designed to help undergraduate brothers grow into scholars, leaders, and gentlemen.Top and budding members from our chapters have gathered annually for over two decades to gain the skills that allow for positive change to occur within their respective communities and chapters.

Men of Honor’s goal has always been to help members live the organization’s values in their everyday lives. Attendees examine the intersection of personal and organizational values and the effect both have on organizational culture. Using the Birkman Method adds elements of self-awareness and understanding of others when working to impact our communities.


Phi Kappa SigmaPhi Kappa Sigma was founded in 1850 on five ideals: the pursuit of academic knowledge, respectful personal conduct at all times, cooperation with institutions of higher learning, financial commitment and lifelong participation in the organization.

Phi Kaps have recommitted themselves to these ideals over 150 years later, and modernized their expression in the form of our core values:


The Men of Honor Institute was established in 2001 as one of the premiere leadership institutes in the interfraternal world, to help our members learn what it means to be a fraternity man in the 21st century.


Men of Honor aims to help participants understand the following key concepts:

  • Values: self-reflect to identify individual values as well as learn about shared values of the organization
  • Revolutions: learn about experiences that change and transform individuals, organizations, or communities
  • Culture: understand the set of norms and patterns of behaviors shaped by our values as Phi Kaps
  • Ritual/ritual: learn the symbolic and esoteric ceremonies that teach the founding values and principles of an organization and support the embodiment of those values on daily living
  • Courage: develop courage to act on one’s conviction and beliefs, even in the face of adversity
  • Elevation: raise an organization or community by repairing or even transforming an organization
  • Leadership: instill shared values to foster collaborative relationships that lead to collective action intended to elevate an organization, cause, or community


Men of Honor is designed as an intensive living / learning institute. Educational programs are scheduled throughout the day and evenings of the three-day program. Participants that invest their time, energy, skills, and motivation into maximizing their experience will gain the most.

  • Participants must bring a strong desire to learn about themselves
  • Have a basic knowledge of Phi Kappa Sigma’s Core Values
  • Be an active learner throughout the institute

Attendees participate in a variety of activities organized into both large and small group sessions. The curriculum and facilitators leverage Tuckman’s and Jensen’s model of group development to help the small groups grow from a group of individuals to cohesive, task-focused teams.

Tuckman & Jensen Model:

Phi Kappa Sigma
*(Tuckman, B.W. and Jensen, M.A.C., Stages of Small-Group Development Revisted, 1977)


Men of Honor also utilizes The Birkman Method to help participants learn about themselves and others. The Birkman is a self-assessment tool to help participants identify their interests, usual behaviors and needs. It is based on the following measures:

Phi Kappa Sigma Your interests reflect activities you naturally gravitate towards and what you like to do, both inside and outside of the workplace. Knowing your Interests helps you understand what motivates you, guiding your career and life decisions to stay energized and productive

Phi Kappa Sigma Usual Behavior describes your strengths and informs your most productive style. Self-awareness of how others view your behavior helps you understand the gap between how you think you come across versus how others experience you.

Phi Kappa Sigma Needs represent how you expect to be treated by other people and your environment. When your Needs aren’t met, your stress behaviors may become activated. Understanding Needs.

Phi Kappa Sigma Stress helps you gain insight into actionable steps to better-manage yourself and avoid unproductive behavior.

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Who is using the Birkman Method®

Over 8000 companies, educational institutions and assessment centres and more than 3.5 million people worldwide have taken the test which is available in 20 languages. With scientifically proven accuracy, the tool can identify behavioural styles (usual productive behaviours), motivations, and underlying needs. It doesn’t just suggest careers to explore; it actually matches a person to the workplace where people with similar personal characteristics are reporting success and personal satisfaction in those jobs.

Phi Kappa Sigma

Educational Institutions using Birkman: Harvard Business School, University of California Los Angeles, University of Southern California, University of Tennessee, Texas A&M University, University of South Carolina, Emory University, Colgate University, Duke University, and the University of Houston etc.

Phi Kappa Sigma

Roger Birkman
Sigma Chapter
Texas 1913


The outcomes of the Men of Honor program reflect Phi Kappa Sigma’s organizational values:
Trust, Honor, Respect, Knowledge, Wisdom, Responsibility, Integrity

Participants will:

  • Explore and define personal values
  • Reflect on the congruency between self-values, actions and behaviors
  • Compare and contrast personal values with Phi Kappa Sigma’s values
  • Grow to expect values-based action from themselves and fellow members
  • Return to home chapters with a renewed sense of vision and purpose
  • Learn crucial leadership skills
  • Explore, define, and enhance leadership skills
  • Examine commitment to the fraternity’s culture
  • Identify the need for change within their communities, campuses, and chapters
  • Craft action plans that will allow for positive change to occur