Alumni Chapters

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The Grand Chapter or he Executive Committee shall have the power to charter local organizations, composed exclusively of graduate and non-graduate alumni members, as chapters which shall be known as Alumni Chapters. No such charter may be granted except upon application, signed by not less than ten graduate and non-graduate members. Such application must be accompanied by a registration fee of one hundred U.S. dollars.

Section 2. Powers.
All Alumni Chapters shall enjoy equal rights and privileges with active Chapters, except that they shall not have the power to initiate any person into membership, and they shall have no vote when the vote of the Grand Chapter is taken by Chapters.

Section 3. Officers.
Each alumni chapter shall elect a President, Secretary, Treasurer, and such other officers as it may require. Unless otherwise provided for in the Alumni Chapter's own By-Laws, the election of these officers shall be held annually at the first meeting on or about October 19 each year. Immediately upon the election of the officers of an Alumni Chapter, the new Secretary shall forward their names and addresses to the Grand Sigma at the National Office.

Section 4. Termination of Charter.
The Charter of an alumni chapter may be suspended or revoked for cause by a majority vote of the Grand Chapter or of the Executive Committee, but only after at least thirty-day notice has been given to the officers of the Chapter in question; such cause shall exist whenever such Chapter has become inactive for a period of at least one year. Jurisdictional Supervision.

ACT 12

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Be it enacted that, FIRST, that the Grand Sigma shall assign to the appropriate Assistant Grand Sigma the supervision of Alumni Chapters in their respective areas. It shall be the duty of such Assistant Grand Sigmas to keep themselves informed of the conditions and activities of each Alumni Chapter so assigned and to present detailed reports thereon to each Grand Chapter session and at such intermediate times as the Executive Committee may require. Liaison Officers.

SECOND, to establish a liaison with Alumni Chapters, the Assistant Grand Sigma may appoint a representative in each such Chapter under his jurisdiction. In cities where no Alumni Chapter is chartered, the Assistant Grand Sigma may appoint an Alumni Contact Secretary to represent the interest of the Fraternity and to perform such duties as may promote its welfare.